Industrial Special Risks

Suitable for medium and larger businesses with higher insurable values. These comprehensive policies provide extensive cover for your buildings, plant, machinery and stock in the event of physical loss or damage and theft. The policy extends to include cover for goods for which you are responsible or which you have assumed responsibility to insure.

These policies also cover any consequential loss due to interruption of your business caused through loss or damage to your Property. This can be further extended to cover loss due to interruption to your business arising from insured loss or damage sustained by your customers, suppliers and public utilities.

Industrial Special Risks policies should be formulated for your particular business.

PSc's professionals are skilled negotiators when it comes to ISR insurance.  Contact us and we will advise you as to the most appropriate form of coverage to meet business needs and at the most competitive pricing.

Business Interruption

A major event such as a fire, storm or earthquake can interrupt or cause your business to be unable to trade. Business overheads (such as wages, power, rent) still need to be paid. PSC can provide you with insurance protection for the consequential loss of revenue and profits, resulting from interruption to your business, due to loss or damage at the business premises.

Commercial Package

Suitable for smaller businesses, Commercial Package insurance policies provide a wide range of protection and allows cover to be specifically formulated for your business requirements.  This customisable business insurance package is designed to provide a range of insurances all under one policy, relieving the need for multiple policies.

The policies can include cover for property, Business Interruption, Theft, Glass Breakage, Public and Products Liability, Maine Transit, Motor vehicles and even Tax Audit costs.

Contact us and one of our professionals will design a competitive package policy to suit your business.

Multi Risks

Multi Risk is a comprehensive insurance policy designed to protect the insured in the event of loss or damage to property caused by a variety of events. These policies are suited to cover items that may be used away from the business premises, such as in transit and/or on site. The scope of coverage is extensive and flexible to cater for the wide range of circumstances that may cause damage to your mobile property.


Engineering and Machinery Breakdown Insurance can cover the damage that leads to equipment breakdown, as well as the repair and/or replacement costs of plant or machinery due to:

  • Mechanical Damage
  • Machine Malfunction
  • Power Surges
  • A variety of other causes

Machinery Breakdown Insurance can also cover business interruption costs as a result of equipment breakdown.

To find out how PSC can assist you in providing these types of insurance covers in order to protect your business, contact us today.