A Service That’s on Your Side

At PSC, we have a clear client-focused approach. We are committed to delivering value to every client.  

Our services ensure competitive insurance designed to meet your needs. If you need to make a claim, we will ensure your claim is handled efficiently and professionally. We are your advocates, ready to help you when you need us the most.

We provide our services and advice to business and large corporations, as well as personal insurances to individuals.  We also develop programs for specialty industry groups.

Protect Your Business Investment

Businesses face risks every day in their work environment. They are often vulnerable to commercial risks. Without a considered insurance plan designed specifically for your business, your business is at risk.  

Our extensive expertise enables us to identify the risks to which your business is exposed. HIB works with clients to identify where those risks are and then develops an insurance program and coverage to ensure our clients are protected.

Protect Your Corporate Business

Corporate businesses have increased risk exposures. These risks may come from physical loss or damage to property, from shareholders, customers, employees, contractors, third parties and regulators. Consequently, the value of a well-considered insurance and risk management program cannot be overstated.  

With clients across a wide range of industries throughout Australia and overseas, the PSC team has extensive and varied experience. Our knowledge and expertise in developing innovative insurance arrangements has allowed us to formulate insurance programs of all types including the most complex.

We conduct bi-annual reviews with you to ensure your insurance program keeps pace with your evolving business. Our annual reports are detailed and provide thorough information regarding the strategies for your insurance as well as the research and negotiations held in formulating our advice and recommendations to you.

Don't Risk Your Lifestyle

Personal Insurances protect your assets and safeguard you, your family and your possessions in case of an unexpected event. Whether it’s your home, your contents, a boat, car or motorcycle, it is important to ensure your most precious possessions are protected.

The team at HIB will take time to understand your unique insurance needs and recommend a policy that is suitable for you. Accessing numerous leading insurers, we seek policies which provide broad coverage at competitive premiums.