Other Insurance

Construction Risks

Construction Insurance covers accidental loss or damage to buildings and other structures under construction.  It can also cover tools and materials on site.  A construction policy will also usually cover the builder’s legal liability for Personal Injury or Property Damage caused during the period of the construction. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you to protect your business.

Trade Credit

Trade Credit Insurance can give you certainty in relation to your Debtors.  Trade Credit Insurance provides cover in the event of default by your Debtors due to their insolvency or inability to meet their payment obligations to your business. HIB’s insurance professionals will work with you to identify the risks associated with your trade credit risks and develop a policy to protect your business.  Contact us today.

Workers' Compensation

As an employer, your business is required to hold Workers’ Compensation Insurance in every State of Australia in which you employ staff. Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers your obligations to employees under Workers’ Compensation legislations in the various States. The insurance provides wage replacement costs for an injured employee as well as medical costs.

Workers’ Compensation claims can bring significant additional costs to an employer through increased premiums. PSC provides assistance to employer businesses to help mitigate risks in the workplace and lower Workers’ Compensation premium costs.

PSC provides great Workers’ Compensation services including:

  • Premium evaluation to make sure your Workers’ Compensation premium costs are structured according to the correct occupational classifications
  • Free over the phone support that addresses the vast majority of Workers’ Compensation issues quickly and expertly for you
  • Access to over 100 OH&S Policies and Procedures and assistance with implementing them into your workplace
  • New policy establishment, remuneration estimates and certification
  • Assistance for your organisation with claims management and paperwork
  • Ensuring you receive a proven, efficient Workcover service, whilst also monitoring and minimising your claims cost to keep your premiums down

For further information, speak with one of our professionals.