Public and Products Liability

Public and Products Liability Insurance provides protection for you if you are legally liable for Personal Injury or Third Party Property Damage.  Defending these claims, even if you are not at fault, can result in costly legal expenses. The policy provides cover for legal defence costs as well as any judgment for damages against you.

The policy can include:

  • Liability for damage to property belonging to others
  • Personal Injury or property damage caused by your products
  • First aid expenses
  • Liability for sudden and accidental pollution
  • Watercraft owned and operated by others and used by you for business entertainment

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Product Recall

Product suppliers can be forced to recall their products in a wide range of circumstances. Product recalls can be forced by customers, retailers and regulators. The costs of doing so can be significant and the damage to reputation can have a major impact on your business viability.

Product Recall Insurance covers costs associated with recalling a product from the market and can include costs associated with customer notification, shipping and product disposal. PSC can arrange coverage for both First Party costs and Third Party recovery actions.