If you are an event manager, you have a broad array of business risks to deal with. These include loss or damage to equipment belonging to you and also goods and equipment belonging to others for which you are responsible. The types of property are many and varied and so too are the circumstance the property may be exposed to - Indoor, Outdoor, Transit, Local, Overseas, venue property damage.

Each event has its own unique requirements. HIB’s event specialists understand how events work and the insurance protection needed to protect event managers, organisers and participants. Event Insurance can extend to professionals including:

  • Managers
  • Organisers
  • Performers
  • Exhibitors
  • Suppliers
  • Broadcasters
  • Venue providers
  • Bands members
  • Promoters

As an event manager, you may also need to protect the event itself against a wide range of risks including event cancellation or curtailment due to weather, non-appearance of performers.  Liability insurance is a critical component of Event Manager’s Insurance to cover their legal liability for personal injury and damage to third party property.  Care also needs to be taken to ensure insurances meet your contractual obligations.

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