Commercial Vehicles and Fleets

Motor Vehicles

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance covers a variety of business vehicles.  Using leading Insurers, PSC can obtain cover for a wide range of vehicles. We cover from single vehicle policies to large fleets at competitive premiums and with broad policy terms and conditions.  Vehicles are covered against accidental loss or damage. In addition, the policies extend to include liability for Third Party Property Damage.

PSC provides risk management advice to many corporate fleet owners to minimise claims and keep premiums low.  We can also negotiate sizeable claims experience discounts for large, well-managed fleets. 

Some of the vehicles we cover include:

  • Sedans
  • Goods carrying vehicles - up to 2 tonne, 2-5 tonne and over 5 tonnes
  • Heavy Haulage Vehicles
  • Buses
  • Prime Movers and Trailers
  • Taxis and Hire Vehicles
  • General Carriers
  • Low Loaders
  • Refrigerated Goods Transport
  • Cartage Contractors
  • Horse Floats

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Mobile Plant and Equipment

Mobile Plant and Equipment Insurance provides comprehensive cover for all your mobile plant and equipment.  HIB can arrange comprehensive insurance which provides cover against accident damage, fire, hail, flood, storm, earthquake, malicious damage, and theft including:

  • Equipment affixed to Vehicles
  • Equipment on Site
  • Cleaning Equipment
  • Builders' Tools and Equipment
  • Tractors
  • Excavators
  • Other

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